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Don't Quit Your Job Because Of Workplace Anxiety — See A Therapist Instead

by Chloe Ortiz

If you notice intense feelings of anxiety at work, it can be easy to associate them with your job, with your boss, or with your co-workers, and decide to find employment elsewhere. While it's certainly possible that the above elements are contributing to your anxiety, it's also possible that you struggle with some form of anxiety disorder. This type of condition can make you feel anxious in any environment, even if it's a healthy one. Before you think about quitting your job, it can be worthwhile to seek help from an anxiety therapist instead. Here are some examples of significant workplace anxiety.

Thinking That Your Job Is In Jeopardy

Those with anxiety issues will commonly think that their jobs are in jeopardy, even if there's no real evidence to suggest it. For example, if you notice that your immediate manager is speaking in an office with the company's president, you might automatically assume that the discussion is about you and that it's not a good one. While the average person might hardy bat an eye at such a meeting, someone who struggles with anxiety may endure significant stress upon witnessing such a scene.

Believing That The Company Is Struggling

Anxiety sufferers will also often jump to the conclusion that the company is suffering, even if the clues that might suggest this are questionable. For example, if an event is cancelled or scaled back from how it took place the previous year, there are many reasons for this change. However, an anxious person could assume that the company is trying to save money because it's in trouble, and this can lead to plenty of workplace stress.

Assuming That Your Co-Workers Don't Like You

If you feel as though your co-workers don't like you, you can be highly miserable every day at work. While it's possible that not every colleague might share a close relationship with you, it's probably unlikely that you're universally disliked. However, if you find out that a couple colleagues went out for lunch together and didn't invite you, there are many potential reasons for this situation — and they don't all revolve around you being disliked. However, if you have anxiety issues, you'll commonly jump to this conclusion, which can make you feel highly uncomfortable. If you've noticed that these situations or others that are similar in nature are affecting your workday, plan to see a therapist for some anxiety counseling.