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Consider A City-Dwelling Family When You Place Your Child For Adoption

by Chloe Ortiz

When you meet with an adoption agency to make plans to give up your child for adoption, there are several different requirements that you can set for the adoptive parents. This list can include things such as where you want your child's new parents to live. While you might not initially have many thoughts about the desired location, as long as your child is loved and cared for, there can be benefits to different living situations. Here are some reasons to consider specifying that you'd like parents who live in a city, rather than rurally, to adopt your child:

The City Is Safer

Although people often associate city living with danger, this is simply not the case. It's actually considerably safer to live in a city than in the country. Although you'll want your child's adoptive parents to keep him or her safe and provide the necessary education about staying safe as the child ages, you can feel more comfortable knowing that your child is going into a safe environment. In many cases, you can even specify factors that will further increase your child's safety living in the city. For example, if you specify that the adoptive parents have a certain affluence, it's a safe assumption that they'll be raising your child in a safer part of the city.

There's More Programming

While rural dwellers can find lots of different ways to keep busy, the reality is that there are often more things to do in the city — as well as greater ease in getting to them. For example, those who live in cities have access to a variety of social activities, arts opportunities, and sports organizations. While these things might not be relevant right now, they'll become increasingly important as your child ages. In a rural area, these opportunities are often fewer. Additionally, when your child becomes older, he or she will be able to travel by bus and subway to get around to these activities; rural areas don't commonly have public transit, which can be a challenge.

There's Greater Diversity

Many parents want their children to be exposed to a high level of diversity, and this can often be easier in the city than in a rural area. In the city, residents will often go to school with and make friends with people of all different ethnic backgrounds. Although this can be possible in a rural area, these areas tend not to be as multicultural. If you value diversity and want your child to grow up with the same mentality, stipulating that you want him or her to be adopted by a city-dwelling family is ideal.

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