Tips for Building a Close-Knit Family Across Long Distances

  • Don't Quit Your Job Because Of Workplace Anxiety — See A Therapist Instead

    27 December 2017

    If you notice intense feelings of anxiety at work, it can be easy to associate them with your job, with your boss, or with your co-workers, and decide to find employment elsewhere. While it's certainly possible that the above elements are contributing to your anxiety, it's also possible that you struggle with some form of anxiety disorder. This type of condition can make you feel anxious in any environment, even if it's a healthy one.

  • Consider A City-Dwelling Family When You Place Your Child For Adoption

    9 November 2017

    When you meet with an adoption agency to make plans to give up your child for adoption, there are several different requirements that you can set for the adoptive parents. This list can include things such as where you want your child's new parents to live. While you might not initially have many thoughts about the desired location, as long as your child is loved and cared for, there can be benefits to different living situations.